Australia-First Partnership Between Horizon and RAILBLAZA

Thanks to an exclusive deal with RAILBLAZA, boaters and fisherman can enjoy more convenience, versatility, and practicality than ever before on their Horizon.

Our TE TRAC now comes standard on all side deck models, meaning your new Horizon boat will be ready to take advantage of the Saltwater Series of RAILBLAZA accessories right from the get go.

From fishing rods to cup holders to biminis to sounders, the system allows you to mount a wide range of accessories, and best of all, it doesn’t require an engineering degree to do so.




Horizon’s exclusive partnership with the RAILBLAZA system is certified fool-proof. Simply grab either a vertical or horizontal mounting base, called a StarPort, position it where you like in the TracLoader extrusion, and screw it in by hand. It really is that easy. Gone are the days of drilling holes and damaging your boat just to mount an extra rod holder or accessory.

Of course circumstances change, so when you need to reposition your gear, just undo the screws, move the base, and tighten it back up. There’s no need to worry about damaging the track or the base itself - RAILBLAZA’s insulation deals with any possibility of corrosion between the two.