Boating Safety Gear

Boating Safety Gear

Posted on February 7, 2022


This is the equipment you rely on the most for safe and happy boating. Furthermore letting your safety gear go out of date can leave you exposed to potential fines from the authorities and trips cancelled. It is recommended you have a thorough check of your safety gear every three months.

  • EPIRB. Make sure EPIRB battery is still in date.
  • Flares. Ensure your flares are still in date and haven’t been exposed to water.
  • Anchor. Make sure your anchor line is still in good condition and is not worn or torn.
  • Lifejackets. Check for cuts and tears.
  • Radio. Ensure you’re radio is in good working order. Check for cracking on any of the wiring.
  • Bilge pump. Check you bilge pump turns on and pumps water.
  • Fire extinguishers. Check your fire extinguisher is in date.
  • Navigational lights. Have a thorough check you lights are in working order and apply with government standards.

Following these steps will ensure your boat will be in best working order for as long as possible and may prevent future repairs.  Of course other factors can help prevent the wear and tear of your boat such as undercover boat storage and the type of use it gets.

Look after your boat and it will give you years of fun for the whole family.

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